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The Historic Halifax Site would never have existed without the Historical Halifax Restoration Association, Inc., (HHRA). It is dedicated to the identification, preservation, and restoration of endangered, fragile landmarks in Halifax County that extend understanding of our forefathers as patriots, the world they lived in, and the importance of their democratic and independent legacy.

Founded in 1955, HHRA volunteers sought State Historic Site status, then National Trust for Historic Preservation. Seven historic structures were purchased, moved, restored, and deeded to North Carolina. HHRA has procured land and furnishings from members and families to complete period interiors. HHRA funds all programming on the site; helps maintain the site and buildings; awards the prestigious Halifax Resolves Award annually across N.C. to important restoration projects; and serves diverse local, state, and national audiences through programming and research.

HHRA is dedicated to continued preservation of identified buildings in the county, and increasing the public's understanding of their importance to American History.