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Henry Bradford organized and held Methodist camp meetings on his property in the early 1800’s. Log huts were constructed just west of his house. The huts were laid out in rows that would have resembled a small military encampment.

This may have been from the knowledge Bradford had of camps from the Revolutionary War. From evidence in the ground today, it would seem that there was a common cooking area. In this camp early Methodists would assemble for extended periods of time for Christian worship and instruction in the Word of God. These camp meetings led to the construction of Bradford’s Chapel nearby.

Son of Col. John Bradford and Patience Reed, married Sarah Crowell.

  • Revolutionary War Soldier
  • Early Methodist Minister
  • Ordained by Bishop Asbury
  • Camp meetings ca. 1800
  • Founded Bradford’s Chapel
  • Operated Bradford’s Academy
  • Composer of hymns
  • Thought to be buried in Bradford Cemetery next to his home

Henry Bradford Hymn Book, circa 1804-1811

Hymn thought to be penned by Bradford in 1804.