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Marker text: HENRY B. BRADFORD 1761-1833 - Early Methodist Protestant minister; educator; and soldier in the Revolution. Founded Bradford's Church on this site circa 1792.

Henry Bradford, prominent Methodist Protestant minister and educator, was born in 1761 to Colonel John Bradford of Halifax County, an influential member of North Carolina’s early Revolutionary leadership.

John Bradford moved to what became Halifax County around 1745 and lived near the town of Enfield, NC. He married Patience Reed in Edgecombe County in 1750.

Member of Crowell Family and moved to Florida after Henry’s death. Died in Florida 1839 and buried in Pine Hill Plantation Cemetery.

Henry Bradford organized and held Methodist camp meetings on his property in the early 1800’s. Log huts were constructed just west of his house. The huts were laid out in rows that would have resembled a small military encampment.

In the 1830's five of Reverend Henry Bradford's sons moved with their families to Florida, settling just north of Tallahassee in an area known today as Bradfordville.